Services - Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited

KEL provides management services to all of the KHLP Business Group as needed, with the ability to invest in, manage and grow new and current business units. Through our current corporate structure, KEL is able to provide a broad range of professional services to the mining, infrastructure, construction, forestry, power, civil and public works sectors. Together with partners, and backed by an experienced professional workforce, KEL is able to support all aspects of land, resource, commercial and industrial development projects and initiatives occurring throughout the Ktunaxa Territory and beyond.

Industries served

Through our integrated project delivery approach between KEL, Nupqu and Kettle River Contracting, the Ktunaxa group of businesses is able to deliver projects of any size within the following industry sectors:

● Mining
● Civil
● Environmental
● Infrastructure
● Trucking and logistics

● Construction
● Forestry
● Power
● Public Works