Corporate Social Responsibility - Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited


KEL will deliver on its mandate and work towards its vision by ensuring that all development activities and operations adhere to this Charter of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. 

We define Corporate Responsibility as follows: 

In alignment with our corporate values, KEL and its subsidiaries will ensure that all matters of ethics and corporate responsibility are considered and supported in all areas of operations, corporate leadership, and are consistent with our shareholders’ and stakeholders’ best interests. KEL is committed to being recognized not only as a leader in Indigenous corporate ethics and responsibility, but as a corporate ethical leader throughout Canada. We recognize that in doing so, we are better able to sustain operations for generations to come while adding significant value for our shareholders and partnerships. 

This Charter also acts as a guiding policy directive which applies to all activities undertaken by KEL or any of its subsidiaries. All KEL and subsidiary employees, contractors and formal corporate partners will adopt the Charter of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility standards described herein with regards to their decision-making and day-to-day work activities. KEL and subsidiary leaders will act as role models with regards to these standards and leaders will ensure that appropriate organizational structures and resources are in place to effectively identify, monitor, and manage ethics and corporate responsibility issues and performance relative to our business. 

Recognition of Indigenous Rights & Indigenous Sovereignty

As a Ktunaxa company, we recognize the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We recognize that Indigenous Rights are inherent, collective and un-extinguishable. We believe all Indigenous Nations and people have the right to independence through self-determination regarding governance, Land, language, resources and culture. Within the Ktunaxa Nation, we recognize Ktunaxa self-determination on all resource projects wherein consultation AND consent are required before projects may proceed.

Business Acumen & Accountability

As per Ktunaxa Enterprises Ltd.’s Guiding Statement wherein we must “cultivate leading business acumen,” KEL and all business subsidiaries commit to a “best practices” foundation of corporate systems in human resources, accounting procedures and general business management. We will engage in continuous improvement process and expect the highest standards of business from all employees and leaders throughout KEL and its subsidiaries. 

For KEL, accountability means:

To demonstrate accountability, KEL and all subsidiaries will adhere to this Charter and all policies developed and approved by KEL. 

From here, it is recognized that each business unit and subsidiary develop its own unique system of accountability through operational policies and procedures specific to its business specialties.

Business Risk Management

KEL and subsidiaries recognize that risk management is an integral part of building and maintaining a professional business administration, sustaining a legally compliant organization and building a positive reputation through best practices in all aspects of business. We recognize that risk is the responsibility of everyone, from the Board of Directors to employees. Each individual is responsible for understanding the risks in their area of operation and for managing them as an integral part of their delegated duties, skills and responsibilities. KEL and subsidiaries will manage all significant risks as a portfolio, through optimization of the risk/return ratio cutting across all business areas, while considering the value creation and distinction of each business unit. Further, KEL seeks to ensure that risk management constantly improves in order to reflect changing business needs over time and to remain compliant with best risk management practices.  

Business Ethics & Transparency

KEL is committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in our governance systems. As such, KEL will:

Business Development and Investment

KEL and its subsidiaries will undertake business development opportunities that improve and sustain long-term, multi-generational financial and operational stability. KEL will create open relationships with Ktunaxa communities to maximize business development opportunities to support Ktunaxa people, businesses, and community economic and business development goals.

Employment & Employee Relations

KEL and its subsidiaries will ensure employees are treated fairly and with dignity while considering their goals and aspirations. We value inclusion and diversity in the workplace is embraced. KEL will apply fair labour practices, while respecting all employment laws along with local laws of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities wherein we operate. 

Our focus as a business is on creating safe, sustainable, and relevant employment opportunities for all employees. KEL will create training partnerships to develop a workforce with positions filled by Ktunaxa and Indigenous people at every opportunity. We will be proactive in our anticipation and development of new positions to optimally work with these training partners to fill these positions with Ktunaxa and Indigenous people wherever possible. 

KEL is inclusive in its hiring practices and is committed to providing a safe space for ALL employees including Indigenous, LGBTQ and people of colour, and will not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment. 

Local & Indigenous Content / Procurement

Indigenous ownership provides a clear understanding of the value and advantages of fostering relationships with local Indigenous companies, communities, and development corporations. KEL will provide opportunities for local Indigenous businesses wherever possible. These relationships must be designed to be mutually beneficially and create added value for shareholders and clients. We will measure and monitor our performance in this aspect and find opportunities to foster capacity-building for Ktunaxa and Indigenous firms.

Health & Safety

We uphold Ktunaxa values of Land, life, tradition and health. Everyone has the right and responsibility to perform work safely. 

KEL and all subsidiaries are responsible for providing a safe workplace, effectively managing workplace risk and are committed to providing leadership and resources for managing health and safety in every aspect of our work. We will ensure that all employees and contractors have the knowledge and ability to safely perform their duties. We will identify and manage occupational health and hygiene exposures as well as Land health issues for the protection of intergenerational and long-term health. We will strive for continual improvement and cultivate a culture of accountability through confirmation and reporting of our performance. 

Our goal is to have no accidents and mitigate impacts on the environment by working with our stakeholders, peers and others to promote responsible Land-based stewardship, environmental practices and continuous improvement. We expect all employees and contractors to be leaders in health and safety through ongoing identification of hazards and the elimination and control of high potential risk. We have a zero tolerance for environmental and human accidents. We all share in the responsibility for the safety of the Land, our own personal safety and that of our co-workers. KEL recognizes that pollution prevention, biodiversity stewardship and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and will effectively integrate these concepts into every aspect of our business decision-making.