Business Relationships - Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited

Some our key industry stakeholders include: Teck Coal, BC Hydro, Fortis, Canfor and TC Energy.

We are proud to work with these companies and look forward to future engagements.


In addition to the businesses owned by KHLP, KHLP has entered into business agreements with eight companies.  The eight were selected for how the business relationships will:

  • complement the existing offerings of KHLP businesses,
  • help diversify KHLP’s offerings,
  • support new project or business investment opportunities, and
  • provide additional benefits for Ktunaxa Communities and Ktunaxa members.

The seven businesses KHLP has established formal agreements with are:

Chinook Scaffolding Systems Ltd. (Genelle, BC) – Chinook Scaffolding Systems has been operating for over 30 years offering scaffolding systems for a diverse range of industries.  Chinook’s Southern Interior operations support a variety of businesses including Teck Metals, Mercer-Celgar, and BC Hydro to name a few. And from their Sparwood location Chinook supports Teck Coal and other businesses in the Elk Valley. scaffold systems to KEL. Their commitment to safety, excellence and community is a welcomed addition to the KHLP business group.

Sterling Crane (Edmonton AB) — Sterling Crane has one of the largest fleets of cranes in North America with over 625 cranes.  In 2021 KHLP entered into an agreement with Sterling Crane in support of their work for reconstruction project of the Kicking Horse Canyon portion of the TransCanada Highway east of Golden.  The relationship continues today as we pursue new project opportunities with Sterling.

CIF Construction (Prince George, BC) – CIF specializes in concrete work for civil and industrial construction projects.  From producing concrete in one of their portable batch plants to forming, pouring, and finishing, CIF is able to meet the needs of their clients from across a range of industries including mining, oil & gas, forestry and energy.

Foundations West Construction UC (Burnaby, BC) – Foundations West, specializes in complex foundation projects across Western Canada.  Their offerings include such services as; micropiles and anchor systems, rock blasting and stabilization, jet grouting and drilled deep shafts.  Foundations West and KHLP first began working together to deliver deep wall anchoring and piling systems for the Kicking Horse Canyon portion of the TransCanada Highway and the relationship has grown from there.

Northern Mat & Bridge (NM&B) (Grande Prairie, AB) – with production facilities in Ontario, Northern Alberta as well as Prince George, Salmon Arm and Erickson here in BC, NN&B is a leading industrial site access products and services company in Canada.  The heavy industrial mats they produce are important for protecting environmentally sensitive areas and, along with their industrial-strength wooden bridges, enable access solutions for the natural resource sector.  Their bridges and mat systems are used extensively in the forestry, oil & gas, and pipeline sectors.

PCL Construction (Richmond, BC) – with Edmonton as PCL’s North American HQ, and offices throughout Canada, the USA, Australia and the Caribbean, PCL is a major Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM).  Our relationship with PCL began as part of the construction of the new Harmer Maintenance Complex at Teck Coal’s Elkview Operation.  Building on the positive collaboration we have experienced with PCL on the Harmer project we are exploring new major construction opportunities throughout the Ktunaxa territory.

Superior Propane (Calgary, AB) – Operated for over 70 years, Superior is Canada’s leading propane provider for residential and business needs.  KHLP’s agreement with Superior will offer benefits to our four Ktunaxa Communities, as well as individual Ktunaxa households.  At the same time this agreement offers exciting opportunities for KHLP, to be on the forefront with Superior in developing green energy opportunities for industries operating throughout the territory of the Ktunaxa Nation.

ATCO Structures & Logistics (Calgary, AB) – over the past 75 years, ATCO has specialized in providing housing and facilities solutions for workforce, construction, commercial and the residential markets.  ATCO is known for offering quality, innovative modular building solutions for both temporary and permanent needs.  In addition to providing physical facilities, ATCO Structures is able to provide a broad range of facility management services through its sister company ATCO Frontec.  As KHLP’s newest business agreement, our relationship with ATCO will focus on developing opportunities to provide temporary workforce housing as well as commercial and industrial facilities to support the construction and resource sectors


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