Guiding Values - Ktunaxa Enterprises Limited

KEL and all business units pride themselves on a set of values, rooted in Ktunaxa principles that serve as a foundation and waypoint for day-to-day operations and decisions.


We uphold Ktunaxa values of land, life, tradition and health. We are dedicated to environmental vigilance and stewardship practices to preserve land and life for future generations. We adhere to and uphold the Ktunaxa Nation Stewardship Principles in all the work we do.

Ktunaxa Nation Stewardship Principles:

Ktunaxa Nation Stewardship Principles include the following goals and principles:

• Contribute to the betterment of future generations;
• Balance of the economic use of land with cultural and spiritual values;
• Follow natural law of taking only what is needed;
• Ensure that long-term sustainability and ecological integrity take precedence;
• Ensure access to, and protection of, traditional foods, medicines, resources, and spiritual sites;
• Maintain, protect, manage and restore healthy and diverse ecosystems; and
• Ensure land, air, and water are and will be clean and healthy.


Inspiring each other to grow and work as a team to achieve our goals efficiently and effectively. We act as role models, endorsing the practice of operating in an ethical, social and environmentally-responsible manner.

KEL and all business units take a “Nation as a whole approach.” We work under the direction provided by shareholders and in collaboration with partners and community development corporations.

KEL finds strength through its resiliency, resourcefulness and by drawing on relationship within the collective. KEL also garners strength from its relationships with industry and like-minded organizations.

Integrity & Accountability

We have created an inclusive corporate culture from a foundation of Ktunaxa cultural values, with open lines of communication and a safe working environment. Lead by strong morals, we believe in doing the right thing, being accountable and having pride in our work. We are accountable to shareholders and we uphold Ktunaxa interests while executing our mandate in a transparent and professional manner.

We honour Ktunaxa values, communities and citizens. We treat each other and the Land with dignity and respect. We encourage and appreciate each others’ input even if there is a difference in perspective and opinion. We are respectful of ourselves, our team, shareholders, partners and clients.

Safety is of the utmost importance in all work completed by KEL and its subsidiary businesses. Everyone has the right and responsibility to perform work safely. By looking out for our teammates and the land wherein we work, we provide a sense of security, knowing no one will be left behind and stewardship values are in place for generations to come.