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Ktunaxa Enterprises Ltd.

Envisioned as the business entity through which collective opportunities might be pursued at the speed of business.

Our Ktunaxa Nation shareholders include:

Our vision is to support the Ktunaxa Nation in developing and achieving a level of economic self-sustainability through successful investments, the development of economic partnerships, and business development within Ktunaxa Holdings Limited Partnership (KHLP).


KEL will achieve its mandate and work towards its vision by ensuring that its operations adhere to the following principles

  • Uphold Ktunaxa interests.
  • Ensure strong and transparent reporting practice are adhered to, and maintain open communications with shareholders.
  • Undertake business development opportunities that will improve the corporation’s long-term financial and operational stability.
  • Build trust with all KHLP Businesses and shareholders by maintaining regular communication to help them feel engaged, informed and empowered in KEL’s operations and decisions, and creating situations for them to provide informed input into KEL’s direction.
  • Maintain positive, respectful and trusted professional relationships with all external partners.